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The Plateau Effect: correcting the perspective on Joseph Plateau

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Using a practice-based approach as a curator, my research deals with a further expansion of the notion of pervasive animation (Buchan) towards the field of museology. What is at stake when animation leaves behind the limited confines of the cinema screen to surface in the white cube or a museum wing? The currently very topical dialectic between art and animation already started long before the invention of film. Within this larger framework, my paper will expand upon the exhibition The Plateau Effect (2005), attempting to demonstrate the significance of Joseph Plateau’s scientific legacy beyond his famous phenakisticope and situating his focus on what he considered the retinal image within his larger field of research. Directing in particular the attention towards his invention of the anorthoscope and its mathematically constructed images, it becomes clear that Plateau deserves his place as much in media history, as in film history. Responding to Tom Gunning’s acknowledged lack of a better term for what he describes as ‘technological images’ produced by the thaumatrope and anorthoscope, I want to argue for the notion of a ‘cinema of contraptions.’
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StatusGepubliceerd - 4-sep-2014

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bijdrage aan de conferentie Archaeologies of Media and Film, georganiseerd door de University of Bradford, Panel: ARCHAEOLOGICAL THEORY, chair Rachel Barraclough

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