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The competent ECEC system in the city of Ghent: a long term investment in effective continuous professional development

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Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageHet competente systeem in de voorschoolse opvoeding van stad Gent : een lange termijn inverstering in voortdurende ontwikkeling
The childcare in the city of Ghent has a long history and has been extensively documented by reports, articles and videos since the end of the 1970’s (Peeters, 1993; Peeters, 2008, UNESCO, 2010, De Meyer, 2012). In 1979, before any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) initiatives were taken, a baseline quality measurement was carried out. Later studies on the impact of the CPD initiatives on the quality of the services were set up in 1982 and 1984 (Peeters, 1993) and documented through videos (Peeters, 2008). In 2011 a case study, as part of the CoRe research, was conducted (Peeters, Brandt, 2011; Brandt, 2012). That case study examined the competences of childcare practitioners working with under threes in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and these practitioners were perceived by their peers and by pedagogical counsellors as excellent workers. This research focussed especially on the acquisition of competences required to work with ethnic minorities, disadvantaged and low-income families. A focus group with four coordinators of childcare centres was set up to study professional development policies at the institutional level. Further on biographical interviews with nine childcare workers from three different ECEC services were organised. After one month, the researcher conducted an in depth interview with the same nine practitioners. Four core themes deriving from the biographical interviews were discussed: (1) the (changing) views about working with parents; (2) the impact of working with children and families in disadvantaged neighbourhoods; (3) learning in the initial training and in practice; and (4) the openness towards other visions and values. In total, over sixteen hours of interviews and focus groups were transcribed. The last phase of the study consisted of contextualising the data with the coordinators of the childcare services, and with the coordinator of the Pedagogical Guidance Centre who was responsible for CPD of childcare practitioners in the city of Ghent.
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TitelPathways to Professionalism : Towards an Ethical Praxis in Early Childhood
EditorsMichel Vandenbroeck, Mathias Urban, Jan Peeters
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UitgeverijTaylor & Francis Group
!!Publication date5-apr-2016
ISBN (print)9781138918894
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Stev­en Brandt is lecturer at the department of Social Work at the University College Ghent (Belgium). He contributed in the CoRe study by analyzing formal and informal learning activities in ECE in Ghent. He is currently doing research on generational differences in aspects of professionalism in social work.

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