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Spatial and social quality according to children and teenagers in a modernistic high-rise environment

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Children and teenagers grow up in very different housing environments, each of them carrying different spatial, social and cultural meanings and offering different opportunities. In the multidisciplinary “BLOK” research project we focus on children’s perspectives in “Europark”: a modernistic and multicultural high-rise environment in the city of Antwerp. The spatial layout of Europark was partly based on Modernistic principles. A recent urban regeneration project redeveloped parts of the outdoor environment in an effort to generate more intergenerational contacts. The amount of children growing up in this environment is very high: in some of the buildings up to half of the inhabitants are minors. One of the main research goals of our participatory research project is to understand more about the notion of spatial and social quality in this particular housing environment, specifically through the eyes of local children and teenagers. Methodologically we combined individual interviews and group discussions with children of different ages. Together with these children, we used different ways of mapping the neighbourhood: through drawings, photography and group walks. During these interviews and workshops, children and teenagers told us about (their perception of) the neighbourhood, what they know about it, who they meet, what they like and dislike about it, where chances for improvement are. Results of this ongoing study present a variety of relevant themes, such as independent mobility, hobbies and free time, places to meet and play. By linking statements to theoretically founded concepts of social and spatial quality, we hope to provide a more comprehensive understanding of what a qualitative high-rise environment is from children’s and teenager’s point of view.
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Child in the city 2018: 9th Child in the City World Conference


Wenen, Oostenrijk

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