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Bacillus velezensis as antagonist towards Penicillium roqueforti s.l. in silage: invitro and invivo evaluation

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Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageBacillus velezensis als antagonist tegen Penicillium roqueforti s.l. in kuilvoeder: in vitro en in vivo evaluatie
Aims: The present study was conducted to evaluate the antagonistic effect of
Bacillus velezensis NRRL B-23189 towards Penicillium roqueforti s.s. and
Penicillium paneum (designated together as P. roqueforti s.l.) in silage
Methods and Results: Corn silage conditions were simulated in vitro, and the
impact of B. velezensis culture supernatant or cell suspension on P. roqueforti
growth and roquefortine C production was evaluated. The antagonism was
promising, but growth of B. velezensis in corn silage infusion was poor.
Additionally, an in vivo experiment was carried out with mini-silos containing
a mixture of perennial ryegrass and white clover inoculated with
P. roqueforti s.l. The applied B. velezensis cell suspension was unsuccessful in
reducing P. roqueforti s.l. numbers, but did not compromise the silage
Conclusions: Although the antagonism observed in vitro was promising, the
applied B. velezensis cell suspension could not live up to the expectations
in vivo.
Significance and Impact of the Study: To our knowledge, the present study is
the first one evaluating the antagonistic properties of B. velezensis towards
toxigenic moulds in silage conditions, offering a good base for further research.
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