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3D body Scanning as a Valuable Tool for User Centered design

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Until the 1950’s clothing was predominantly designed and manufactured on a ‘made-to-measure’ basis. Today the clothing industry has evolved towards producing several collections a year in large volumes. However, fashion companies can offer well-fitting clothing to only 30 % of their target. When addressing population groups with body proportions categorically different from the average this is often reduced to a mere 10%. This stands in stark contrast with the changing demands of the consumers. To cope with this new challenge, the clothing industry should shift from a mass production to a mass customization business model. Several new technologies among which 3D body scanning can help mass customization operations. This paper discusses the use of 3D anthropometric data for overcoming fitting problems through body shape analysis, identification of anthropometric changes with posture and age and development of adequate sizing charts,
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2-dec-2018

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