Expertiseportaal van de Hogeschool Gent


Knowledge Alliances: European University Enterprise Network

Project: Onderzoeksproject

  • Leliaert, Stephane (Promotor HoGent)
  • Winters, Clive, Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, Verenigd Koninkrijk (Projectcoördinator)
  • Maas, Gideon, Coventry University Enterprises Ltd, Verenigd Koninkrijk (Projectcoördinator)
  • The National Center for Entrepreneurship in Education NCEE , Verenigd Koninkrijk (Projectpartner)
  • Peura, Kirsi, University of Turku, Finland (Projectpartner)
  • Davey, Todd, Fachhochschule Münster, Duitsland (Projectpartner)
  • European Business & Innovation Centre Network, België (Projectpartner)
  • Hewlett-Packard Limited, België (Projectpartner)
  • Microsoft Worldwide, België (Projectpartner)
  • Acerta, België (Projectpartner)
  • Stevens, Steve (Projectmedewerker)
EUEN will enhance partnerships between businesses and higher education through organisational development, staff development, curricula development and the delivery of business-university-student enterprise and entrepreneurship projects. At a European level the project will focus on the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities through: 1. creating environment for entrepreneurship through institutional capacity building; 2. delivering entrepreneurial opportunities for staff and students through collaborative approaches to curricula development. The EUEN aims to develop and test ways for business-industry collaborations to: a. affect institutional leadership to create better conditions for entrepreneurship; b. build the teaching capacity to deliver better entrepreneurial learning opportunities through ways of teaching; c. engage learners and staff in entrepreneurial learning opportunities through innovative approaches to curricula design and delivery; d. embed learning opportunities across diverse disciplines; e. support entrepreneurial action that leads to the creation of new enterprises and innovation This will be delivered through: i. collaborative leadership workshops that implement entrepreneurship-friendly structures, policies and cultures in education; ii. collaborative cross-disciplinary faculty development programme workshops to co-create and deliver innovative curricula that enhance entrepreneurial learning outcomes; iii. designing and testing innovative approaches to the development of entrepreneurial mindsets and attitudes through collaborative co-teaching models; iv. embedding partner tools and resources (through Hewlett-Packard; Microsoft and Banco Santander) to increase the engagement of staff and students in knowledge exchange partnerships v. targeting the engagement of students and staff from non-business disciplines vi. piloting collaborative partnerships for supporting new venture creation through the provision of online workshops, tools and mentoring programmes
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