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For An Imperfect Archive

Project: Onderzoeksproject

Drawing its title from Julio García Espinosa's 'For an Imperfect Cinema', this research project continues the discussion on the role of the filmmakers/artists and their practice of image/filmmaking as a political act. From this perspective it looks at how, today, we are dealing with the films and film material produced at the time of liberation struggles and international unrest during the 1960’s and 70’s. The research aims to produce an essay film on the discussion around the aesthetics produced within an apparatus of political cinema, but it also contemplates on modern archival practices that are dealing with the legacy of political cinema. It does so with an aim of presenting these contemplations in a book under the working title of 'For An Imperfect Archive: Methods of Thinking and Methods of Work in Archiving the Militant Image'.

StatusIn uitvoering