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Collecting and Unpacking My Library

Project: Onderzoeksproject

       Autobiographically driven, my work narrates a process of becoming and understanding oneself as an act that is relational towards the other(s). Identity is always a borrowed identity, borrowed from other people. One could say that I am an ethnographer of a subjectivity that is marked by diaspora and conditioned by histories of displacement and dispossession. While the language I employ is indebted to both minimalism and conceptualism, I invest it with a personal, emotional force that is as discreet as it is potent.

       My visual work is deliberately constructed as ‘a tissue of quotations’, a montage of carefully selected references. I often use ‘modes of repetition’ with references to literature, philosophy, cinema, pop culture and the works of other visual artists—citing, replicating and distorting references, exemplary modes and works from art history and my own history. I employ references as structures or elements upon which I can build, add different layers, or contaminate them with altogether different contexts.


      My research proposal, ‘Collecting and Unpacking My Library’, centres on the personal library: collecting quotes and references; and collecting photographs.

(1) I want to continue my research on ‘modes of repetition’, exploring new areas in content and form. As a conceptual approach, ‘Unpacking My Library’ exposes the fact that we are all constructions in the process of becoming and that we are all translators of our accumulated quotes and cultures.

(2) I want to examine and explore my library of photographs that I have been taking since 1998. The photographs are made mainly, but not only, of my parental house and the close family members I grew up with.

        This focus on collecting references and photographs allows me to explore themes as quotes and repetition, home, diaspora (displacement, belonging, homeland, loss), language, (the construction of) a self, the dialectic between remembering and forgetting and the paradox between presence and absence, among others. 

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