Expertiseportaal van de Hogeschool Gent


Geerten Verberkmoes



Geerten Verberkmoes initially studied chemical technology and chemistry and has taught in this field for over ten years. He is interested in music too: after studying jazz guitar for several years at the Rotterdam Conservatory, in 2004 he gained a music degree from the Dutch Schumann Academy. He has an affinity for design, woodworking and acoustics and started making violins and guitars in 2002. He was trained in violin making at the Centre for Musical Instrument Building in Puurs (Belgium) and later at the School of Arts of the University College Ghent (Belgium), where, from the start of the academic year 2010–11, he holds the position of violin making teacher. Besides teaching in Ghent, he makes and repairs musical instruments in his workshop in Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands). For eight years he has worked for the Japanese acoustical instrumentation company RION, as product specialist. In 2015, he resigned from the latter job to focus on a PhD program at the University of Ghent / School of Arts Ghent, studying the life, instruments and working methods of the eighteenth century violin maker Benoit Joseph Boussu.


  • H845-muziek-instrumentenbouw P200-akoestiek P370-macromoleculaire-chemie

ID: 2264832