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Türkü and Halay Between Ghent and Turkey: An Ethnographic Study of Turkish Folk Music in a Transnational Context

Output: Doctoral dissertation

  • Liselotte Sels
This dissertation aims at the exploration, description and interpretation of the ways in which Turkish folk music manifests itself musically, contextually and functionally in the transnational context of contemporary Turkey and the Turkish diaspora in Ghent. Furthermore, it seeks to identify the interrelations between the different aspects and between the two larger research contexts. The city of Ghent provides a rich case, with a Turkish migration history of fifty years and a Turkish population of approximately eight to ten per cent of the total population.
The main data collection method consists of ethnographic fieldwork: the ethnography of forty-six musical events in different sociocultural contexts in Turkey and in Ghent, involving participant observation and interviews. The data are interpreted through qualitative inductive (bottom-up) analysis and confronted with the literature. The ethnographic analysis is complemented by integrated musical transcription and analysis.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity Press
ISBN (Print)978-94-6197-260-6
StatePublished - Oct-2014

ID: 14721001