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Thinking through Practices: a book-present-ing at Wiels / Brussels

Output: ExhibitionOther type of exhibition

  • Heike Langsdorf (Artist)
  • Alejandro Arteaga Fernandez (Artist)
  • Nikolaus Gansterer (Artist)
  • Julien Bruneau (Curator)
  • Miriam Rohde (Curator)
  • Laetitia Gendre (Curator)
  • Kristof Van Baarle (Curator)
  • Julia Barrios de la Mora (Curator)
A presentation through practices of two books written through practices, as a framework to col- lectively reflect on the role of publishing in the context of artistic research.
Although very different in form, the processes of writing articulate practice and thought as two naturally and necessarily interwoven things. We invite to a moment where some of the practices through which these books are existing now will be performed and made present (rather than being presented) as ways of thinking.

 Three performances in different media followed by an open moderated discussion based on the two books: Choreographic Figures ( The publication is conceived as a studio-laboratory in itself, drawing together critical reflections and experi- mental practices that focus on the how-ness—the qualitative-processual, aesthetic-epistemological and ethico-empathetic dynamics—within shared artistic exploration, directing attention to an affective realm of forces and intensities existing before, between and beneath the more readable gestures of artistic practice. Cultivating sensitivity towards the barely perceptible micro-movements within the process of artistic ‘sense- making’ has wider structural—even political—implications at the level of the macro, encouraging the de-, re- and trans-figuring of our ways of being in the world, inviting new forms of relationality, sociality and solidarity. Hybrid of an artists’ book and research compendium, Choreo-graphic Figures: Deviations from the Line invokes action by operating as a score that can be activated by others, providing artists, theorists and creative practitioners with a modular toolkit of performative and notational approaches for future experimental play. Based on original research and edited by Nikolaus Gansterer, Emma Cocker and Mariella Greil.
With contributions by Alex Arteaga, Arno Böhler, Christine De Smedt, Catherine de Zegher, Christopher Dell, Gerhard Dirmoser, Karin Harrasser, Adrian Heathfield, Victor Jaschke, Simona Koch, Krassimira Kr- uschkova, Brandon LaBelle, Erin Manning, Dieter Mersch, Lilia Mestre, Werner Moebius, Alva Noë, Jeanette Pacher, Jörg Piringer, Helmut Ploebst, P.A. Skantze, Andreas Spiegl. Choregraphy as Conditioning / Vol. 1: Thinking Conditioning through Practice ( phy_as_Conditioning/124) The books included in the series Choreography as Conditioning are rooted in a cycle of work sessions enti- tled CASC at KASK, in which students work together with invited guests. They explore the notions of chore- ography, understood as ways of organizing subjects in their surroundings, and conditioning in both art-mak- ing and society-making. Where, how, and by whom are things organized and what kind of landscapes of ex- perience are made (im)possible by the practices we enact and encounter? Thinking Conditioning through Practice, the first book in this series, addresses the question of how these practices destabilize and (re)constitute the concept of conditioning through six writing processes performed by Alex Arteaga, Julia Barrios de la Mora, Julien Bruneau, Laetitia Gendre & Miriam Rohde, Heike Langs- dorf and Kristof Van Baarle.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 27-Oct-2018

ID: 18411634