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The Ypres Salient: Integrating Historical Identity in Landscape Architecture

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This paper gives an overview of a research project in Flanders (Belgium) entitled ‘the Ypres Salient: Integrating Historical Identity in Landscape Architecture’. This research deals with a historical landscape and parks and the disclosure of history in the present related to landscape architecture. In this paper a conceptual framework is proposed on historical identity and landscape architecture. This
framework reveals how history and landscape architecture are related to each other. Different aspects of this framework such as historical research and visualizations of the past are the object of research within this project. These aspects are elaborated within this paper with a general focus on research methodology and the integration of theoretical findings in practical applications. The aspects of our research can be centralized around two central questions. In the first place, how can historical research be used for the survey of landscape heritage and historical identity? In the second place, how can we take landscape heritage and historical identity into account with regard to the future? The first question is in search for answers which are situated in the survey phase of a project. In this research we make a historical analysis of a region and form conclusions about historical research and how historical research is best suited and implemented for the landscape architect. The second question is situated in the design phase of a project and concerns different ways of disclosing both disappeared and remaining historical elements. Different options for disclosing historical identity are then examined and developed further. These research is done in an applied way with the purpose on contributing to education and practical applications.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2010

ID: 7578330