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Tarsos, a Modular Platform for precise Pitch Analysis of Western and non-Western music

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  • Joren Six
  • Olmo Cornelis
  • Marc Leman
This paper presents Tarsos, a modular software plat- form to extract and analyze pitch organization in music. With Tarsos pitch annotations are generated from an audio signal and those annotations are pro- cessed to form musicologically meaningful represen- tations. The specic intention of Tarsos is to oer a exible system for pitch annotation by its combination of graphical interface, ltering options, manual and automated annotation processes and direct au- ditory feedback. The use of a fine-grained histogram that allows up to 1200 values per octave, makes Tarsos convenient for studying pitch deviations in Western music, or for studying specic tone scales that differ from the equal temperament as appears in many non-Western music. Tarsos has a graphical user interface or can be launched - using an api - as a batch script. Therefore it is t for both analysis of individ- ual songs and analysis of large music data sets. The interface allows several visual representations, as for example a non-octave bound graph, that all can be sonied, creating direct auditory feedback during annotation. The extracted scale can be used to tune a midi keyboard that then can be played in the discovered scale. These features make Tarsos an interesting tool for musicological analysis and even artistic productions.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of New Music Research
Number of pages25
StatePublished - 20-Aug-2013

ID: 10118044