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Slapstick Dislexicon: Performance

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With musical support by pianist Hilde Nash, Hilde D'haeyere immerses you in the wonderful world of silent fun with her Dislexicon, a lecture-perfor­mance on slapstick comedy filled to the brim with crazy terminology such as 'high-speed slow-motion', 'bathing beauty', 'hokum' and 'fish tales'. In writing, image, and in person, photographer Hilde D'haeyere convincingly succeeds in bringing her academic work to life in a most entertaining way, with her report on the 'slapstickhumor, funny cinematography,and very special effects' which she encountered during her research, on slapstick comedy and film technology in the 1920s, conducted at the School of Arts - University College Ghent.
Original languageEnglish
Reasons for production
  • On invitation
StatePublished - 16-Nov-2013

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