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Patrasche, a dog of Flanders – made in Japan

Output: Audio-visualDocumentary

Didier Volckaert and An van Dienderen made the documentary Patrasche, a Dog of Flanders - Made in Japan in which they evoke the several different (imaginary) representations of Flanders based on the novel. For this film they have been researching archives and libraries for the last two years. They found 35mm and 16mm prints of all USA films made based on the book. They found first print books both from the UK, USA and Japan. They were able to interview numerous people involved in the making of the legendary 1975 Japanese animated series. They filmed about 40 hours of interview and obtained almost every printed and filmed source important for the documentary
Original languageEnglish
Reasons for production
  • Own initiative
StatePublished - 2008

Bibliographical note

Patrasche, a dog of Flanders – made in Japan, Directed by Didier Volckaert & An van. Dienderen, produced by Elektrischer Schnellseher, 2008, 85'

ID: 1847324