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On the Applicability of Digital Visualization and Analysis Methods in the Context of Historic Landscape Research

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This paper discusses two innovative methods that are useful for visualizing historical landscapes. The application of these techniques is part of an ongoing research project studying landscape change in the ‘Ypres Salient’, with a focus on castle and manor parks. Since traditional 3D modeling approaches could not meet all project objectives, a search for alternative digital visualization and analysis methods was necessary. The first method, ‘Tour into the picture‘ (TIP), demonstrates how a single 2D image, for instance a historical terrestrial photograph, can be used to create a simple scene model. The second method is an interactive, GPS-based mobile tool for smartphones that can disclose disappeared historical entities using a ‘mobile augmented reality system’ (MARS). The aim of this method is to highlight the importance of landscape heritage by making the invisible visible.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2010

ID: 5536933