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Minorities and artistic practice of the majority: debat

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This workshop deals with the question how minorities or migrants express themselves through the arts and what obstacles exist to involve them in mainstream activities. So far, there exists not much empirical evidence about current practices, but surveys are in preparation, e.g. in Germany. Should policies aim at celebrating diversity or towards social and cultural cohesion (or both)? In both cases, this may also involve issues of cultural / human rights.
Documentary maker and anthropologist An Van Dienderen will open the workshop with her (visual) reflections on this topic. An interactive ‘estafette debate’ will work further on this topic. Speakers involved are An Van Dienderen (anthropologist and postdoctoral researcher KASK), Andries van den Broek (Dutch researcher SCP), Anu Junnonen (Finnish jazz singer), Paola Marquez (Columbian jazz singer) and Ivo Bultheel (intercultural centre ‘De Centrale’, Ghent)
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 9-Jun-2011

ID: 8679727