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Location-aware Mobile Devices and Landscape Reading

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This paper examines how ‘smartphones’ – a type of advanced and location-aware mobile phone (e.g. Apple iPhone® or phones running Google Android®) – can be useful for landscape architecture and planning, and more specifically how they can share knowledge about our surroundings using ‘Mobile Augmented Reality’ (MAR). We examined how a smartphone-based information system can influence reading and understanding the andscape, and to what degree it influences landscape valuation and imaging by its users. A quantitative survey was conducted with students to determine the educational possibilities of such tool. The main part of this paper however, is more technical in nature. Using the ‘Layar® Reality Browser’ as a framework for our MAR, we wanted to facilitate the management of a ‘Layar® 3D’ system. We did so by building a graphical front-end to the administrative part of the system by using a combination of ESRI ArcGIS® and Microsoft Access®. This to facilitate adding, editing or removing ‘Points Of Interest’ (POI), even to people with a limited technical background..
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2012

ID: 15530196