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Cherry Blossoms

Output: Audio-visualFilm

Carly works late at night in a translation booth, one of the many booths located in a dark plenary hall of the European Parliament. She practices translating a documentary on Japanese subcultures. Without any specific interest to the theme, Carly translates monotonously. Although she first works automatically concentrating on a precise translation, directing her gaze to the European flag in the middle of the hall, more and more, she becomes attracted and interested by the punk looking girls being interviewed. Blurring fiction and documentary images, this minimalist portrait questions the complexities of translation, set in the European
Parliament, the only place worldwide where all the texts used and produced, are daily translated in as many as 23 languages.

Original languageEnglish
Reasons for production
  • Own initiative
StatePublished - 2012

ID: 10094449