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‘And Honey, I’m the world’s forgotten boy': Over de overdracht van het niet-gezegde als wording

Output: Contribution to journalA2: International peer reviewed article (not A1-type)

In this in-depth interview the Belgian-Syrian artist Mekhitar Garabedian (°1977, Aleppo) and psychoanalyst Filip Geerardyn explore the process of the emergence of subjectivity at stake in the creative oeuvre of the artist. The leitmotiv of this exploration is the analogy between the creative process on the one hand, and what is implied with Nietzsche’s imperative “Become what thou art!” on the other. This becoming (understood as the transference of the un-spoken) of the subject as well as of the artist, appears to realise itself through the Other, i.e., through the mother tongue (Armenian), through the others, through citations, through stories and histories, through collections and through the proper name Mekhitar.
Original languageDutch
Article number2013 - 31/2, Apr, Mei, Jun 2013
JournalPsychoanalytische perspectieven
Volume2013 - 31/2
IssueApr/Mei/Jun 2013
Pages (from-to)pp. 197 - 213
Number of pages16
StatePublished - 2013

ID: 14917474