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Unfolding Amnesia: An Interdisciplinary Research into Artistic Practices and the Politics of Oblivion

Project: Research project

  • Kovacevic-Juresa, Jelena (Project participant)
  • Kwakkenbos, Lars (Project coordinator)
  • Stalpaert, Christel, UGent, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Research centre S:PAM, Belgium (Co-promotor)
  • Craps, Stef, UGent, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy and Cultural Memory Studies Initiative, Belgium (Co-promotor)
  • Bevernage, Berber, Ghent University, Department of History, Belgium (Co-promotor)
  • KMMA - Koninklijk Museum Voor Midden-Afrika, Belgium (Co-promotor)
  • Independent curator, Croatia (Co-promotor)
  • Grzinic, Marina, Conceptual Art Study Program, Institut für bildende Kunst, Vienna, Austria (Co-promotor)
  • Stojnic, Aneta, Department of Humanities and Theory of Art and Media, Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia (Co-promotor)
StatusIn execution