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The Color Biolab: research in new sustainable color sources and applications using waste and living organisms to be applied in art and design practice

Project: Research project

Life is full of colors that from time immemorial humans have tried to reproduce them. In this search, new synthetic colors have appeared as well as an extensive color application in almost every field, from art or design to food or mechanical engineering. Although the importance of color in society, the ways of obtaining the pigment or dye have not changed so much in terms of environmental and health issues as well as in use: if some the first natural colors, pigments and dyes, were highly toxic for humans and limited in terms of natural availability, the synthetic colors, as well as its production, generate a strong environmental impact.

The research aims to demonstrate that color and coloring is still an unexplored field through 1) finding new sustainable color sources in form of origin (residues) as well as its application (living organisms as colorants) 2) establish a new paradigm where color modification could be a positive property for pigments and dyes. To reach this objective, a biological laboratory will be developed in order to experiment with living and non-living materials. The research and results will be transversal to all the departments at KASK, and later to the color industry.

StatusIn execution