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Children and teenagers in high rise environments: sociospatial research and research by design

Project: Research project

Research program liveable city and environment.

Though an increasing group of children and teenagers grow up in high rise contexts, little is known about their experiences on the liveability of these environments, and the social and spatial perception of their home environment. This makes it difficult to get a clear view on how children perceive and define desirable affordances of high rise environments. The main goal of this project is to get a better understanding of the processes of meaning making, the developmental opportunities and liveability of diverse high rise contexts according to children and teenagers, by developing sociospatial research and research by design processes, in order to formulate guidelines for designers and social workers to create more supportive and generous high rise environments.

The study consists of a general state of the art, sociospatial participatory research in 3 contrasting high rise contexts, and research by design-processes in 3 different cases, using 3D computer assisted virtual environment technology. Special attention is also being paid to the translation of these activities into interdisciplinary teaching projects with social work students and landscape architecture students, and the organisation of an interdisciplinary summer school with students and professionials from both disciplines. This way, the project explicitly aims to contribute to the interdisciplinary dialogue and shared knowledge construction about the liveable city as a future challenge for urban policy and practice.

StatusIn execution