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Community development through participatory action research: towards interventions that facilitate living with HIV/AIDS in the (school) community in Uganda.

Project: Research project

Despite considerable advances in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade, noticeably less efforts have been invested towards addressing the challenging experiences and longer term support needs of young people living with HIV/AIDS (YPLWHAA). These result from growing up with this chronic condition amidst normative social pressures and its indirect consequences on various life domains such as education. In response to the observed early school dropout among YPLWHAA in Uganda, this multidisciplinary project (i.e. orthopedagogy, teacher training, occupational therapy, public health) is developed in partnership with Mountains of the Moon University (MoMU, Uganda) to investigate and address current challenges related to living with HIV/AIDS in school communities. To strengthen institutional capacity to tackle prevailing local challenges like this, a multidisciplinary curriculum on community development through practice-oriented research is developed and implemented at MoMU. This lays the foundation of subsequent participatory action research with YPLWHAA and various stakeholders including community members, school personnel and healthcare practitioners. Strong collaboration between the multiple disciplines represented in both the research team and sample will result in a comprehensive and broad-based approach. After gaining insight into participants’ perspectives on current challenges for YPLWHAA in school communities and into the prospective capability of community institutions and stakeholders to facilitate this, the research team and participants co-create and implement an innovative and contextually appropriate intervention to facilitate living with HIV/AIDS in school communities. Finally, the intervention is evaluated, valorised and disseminated in favour of other (school) communities regionally and internationally.    

StatusIn execution


  • S286-orthopedagogy - Community development, HIV/AIDS, participatory action research, internationalisation, Co-creation, Uganda