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Sven De Visscher


Sven De Visscher

Research expertise

Sven De Visscher is postdoctoral researcher in educational sciences and lector social work at University College Ghent, Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work. He is related to the department of social work and participates in a research group on urban education. This group focuses on teaching and research projects about processes of urbanisation and community development, linking the perspectives of urban residents and dwellers, urban social work practices and municipalities and policy makers. Sven De Visscher's main research interests include the child friendly city, urban renewal and social change, community-based social work, neighbourhoods, citizenship and urbanisation. He approaches these topics from a social pedagogical and sociospatial perspective. In his PhD dissertation (2008) he analysed the social pedagogical meaning of the neighbourhood for children. Sven De Visscher is a permanent member of the scientific program committee of the Child In The City Foundation.

Services expertise

Sven De Visscher has experience in coaching, advising and training in the field of topics that are situated on the interchange between the city and social work, and child friendly cities. He has professional experience in the field of youth work.

Teaching expertise

Sven De Visscher teaches is in the Professional Bachelor in Social Work program of University College Ghent. He specialises in sociological and policy-related aspects of social work and supervises different bachelor dissertations. He also participates in doctoral advisory committees.


  • S215-social-problems-and-welfare S285-social-pedagogy

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