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Study Programme: Bachelor of Social Work

Organisation profile

The aim of the study programme is to prepare students who, as professionals, provide services in the different aspects of social work and who, to this end, gear their actions in a well-thought-out and theoretically-underpinned manner.
Graduates with a bachelor of social work are capable of: - processing information, reasoning and critical reflection, creativity and a lifelong learning attitude; - working as part of a team and skilful communication; - offering psychological or social support as and when required in a methodically thought-through manner; - providing appropriate, concrete information; - acting preventively; - integrating in different networks or offering support in establishing networks; - playing a mediating role in conflicts or conflicts of interest; - looking into social situations and reporting on the same; - actively contributing to the organisation's internal and external development and image-building process; - at social level, influencing social policy and
promoting the opportunities of individuals and groups to become integrated.

Contact information

Voskenslaan 362
Campus Schoonmeersen
  • Phone: 09/243.26.48

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