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Study Programme: Bachelor of Socio-educational Care Work

Organisation profile

The study programme produces specialist childcare workers/counsellors who can integrate remedial education in a variety of professional contexts. They counsel clients and/or the client system who need support so to as to ensure, and possibly improve, their quality of life. The study programme instils general competences into the students, including skills to think and reason logically; the ability to acquire information and to reflect critically, managerial and communication skills and a lifelong learning attitude. In addition, our graduates master general competences that are geared, and specific, to the profession. The specialised childcare worker/counsellor: - supports the living and working environment of the client (system) - in a methodical way in accordance with social science relating to the promotion of personal, social and cultural welfare - with a particular focus on the preventive function; - supports and stimulates children and young people in all aspects of their development and integrates the educational principles in the day-to-day supervision; - they can, taking into account the social and policy developments in society and the care sector, help plot an organisation's policy; - they contribute to the profession's social profile and legitimacy.

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Voskenslaan 362
Campus Schoonmeersen
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